The Harvesters Ministry

We are the “Harvesters” ranging in ages from 45 years old and up.  Our focus is on our relationship with God, building relationships with others, loving fully and playing feverously.  Some of us are retired and some of us are still looking forward to retiring.   God has a plan and a purpose for all of our lives.  We believe the Lord’s passion for every person is to be rendered useful.  We believe all of us through the grace of God have made it through life experiences wiser and stronger people, lending ourselves useful in trials and struggles other people may experience in their journey.  We hold bi-weekly Bible Studies as well as other personal Bible Studies and various group activities to encourage one another.  If you would like to join our family group or check us out, please visit the church calendar or contact us if you have questions.



Feel free to reach out to the Banadygas for more information on all events and programs related to the Harvesters Ministry.

Buzz & Anita Banadyga